Installation Guide
  1. Download and install Java.
  2. Download and extract it.
Video guide
Setup Guide
  1. Execute InMailManager.jar
  2. Login with your InMailManager credentials/Google account
  3. Login with at least one Instagram account
  4. Configure the tool as you wish (Feature explanation below)
Video guide
Feature explanation
  1. Start
    • Setup
      • Hashtags: Enter hashtags (without "#") of whose post owners you want to scrape emails and the amount
      • User followers: Enter an username to scrape its followers emails and the amount
      • Media likes: Enter a media URL (e.g. "") to scrape its likers and the amount
      • +: Add a hashtag/username/media
      • -: Select a row and click on "-" to remove it
      • Delay: The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait after each request sent to Instagram. If you set this value too low your Instagram account or IP address might get blocked by Instagram for some time. Good value to start with: 1500 -> Then try around if you can lower it
      • Export
        • All data: Export all data of the users, e.g. email address, phone number, address, full name into an Excel file
        • emails only: Only export email addresses into a text file
      • Add Instagram account: Add more Instagram accounts, requests to Instagram will be sent alternately from the accounts -> The more account you add, the lower you can set the delay and scrape data faster
      • Total accounts: The amount of Instagram accounts currently logged in
    • Filter
      • Followers: Set min. and max. amount of followers a user must have to get its email
      • Business profiles only: Only scrape emails of Instagram business profiles
      • Scraping only mode: Only scrape emails & don't send them a message
      • Exclude private profiles: Ignore private Instagram profiles
      • Don't check for duplicates: Don't save email addresses messages sent to in the all.txt file and don't check there was already sent a message to the user
  2. emails
    • emails (email accounts to send messages from) | You can add multiple accounts so the tool switches the account after each message sent and starts from the beginning once it went through all accounts
      • Load: Load an email list in .txt format. Separate elements with ":" -> Max. amount of elements: 6
      • Add: Add a row to the list and enter the account credentials
      • Remove: Select a row and remove it
      • Security: The security protocol your provider requires (Gmail uses SSL)
      • SMTP configuration | Some providers like Gmail require you to enable sending emails through SMTP (Enable it for Gmail accounts:
        • Basic email account configuration (For example Gmail) | Leave the SMTP auth fields out
        • Configuration if you SMTP server requires authentication(For example Amazon Simple email Service)
  3. Message
    • email (The message sent to all scraped emails) | Note: Every [name] tag will be replaced with the name mentioned in the user's Instagram profile. Using this can also prevent possible spam blocks caused by your the email provider you're using
      • Sender: The sender name (e.g. "Jon")
      • Title: The email title
      • Text: The email text message
      • Contains HTML-Elements: Check if your emails contains HTML elements and enter the HTML content in the HTML email text area. You should still set a text message in case the HTML email couldn't be delivered. | Note: Every [name] tag will be replaced with the name mentioned in the user's Instagram profile. Using this can also prevent possible spam blocks
      • Contains attachments: Check if you email contains attachments and add them to your email
      • Test email: Enter an address to send a test email from a random account you entered in the email account list