The Foundation Of Instagram Email Marketing And How To Scrape Emails From Instagram

Instagram scraper tool

Instagram Email Scraping & Mass Email Sending Is The Best Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of online marketing. Fortunately, we provide a tool which perfectly fits your Instagram marketing strategy needs. The following article will help you understand the basics of Instagram email marketing with the help of InMailManager.

1. Finding suitable email addresses for your niche

Instagram is the perfect place to build niche-based email address lists. With the help of hashtags and theme-based influencers filtering users by interest is very simple. Our integrated Instagram email finder tool will make it very easy for you to filter out users by their interests. E.g. for the niche “Fitness” you can simply use the hashtag “#Fitness” or big fitness influencers to filter out users interested in what you offer.

2. Instagram Email Scraping Limit

Instagram’s scraping limit is one of the most significant factors to take care of when following the Instagram marketing strategy in form of email marketing. Instagram determines a daily scraping limit for each account created on their platform to prevent spam accounts. Meaning two different Instagram accounts may have completely different action limits. The limit can vary depending on the account age, prior negative attention and many more factors. To get around that issue InMailManager allows you to set a delay between each request sent to Instagram. You can also add multiple Instagram accounts to the software to go around Instagram’s scraping limit. We recommend trying different delay values and observing what fits for you the best. A good value to start with is 2000ms/account.

3. IP/Proxy Reputation

Another important aspect is your IP-Address reputation. Make sure to always use an IP-Address in good standing condition to login with Instagram per account. You can choose to use different proxies per account login as well. (Proxies are not required though but might prevent action blocks for our Instagram email finder and Instagram email scraper)

4. Best Emailing Service & Email Blast Provider

When sending bulk emails to scraped Instagram email addresses using our built in Instgram email scraper it’s crucial to choose an appropriate email sending provider. Covering all email marketing services would go beyond the scope of this blog post but it’s essential to understand the basics of contrasting providers. Basically, we must separate the classic email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc. with SMTP sending providers like Amazon Web Services SES, Sendgrid and many more. Both can be used for email sending but take care choosing the proper one fitting your needs. The common email providers are perfect for low volume email sending to a smaller group of recipients whereas SMTP sending providers are better to administer email sending to a wider range of recipients. Though SMTP providers are harder to maintain and your emails might not land in the inbox when setup incorrectly. A good way to start with is using a classic email sending provider.


Instagram email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of marketing. Whether you’re an individual or a business Instagram email marketing is crucial if you have something to offer.

Both our Instagram email scraper and bulk email sender to send mass emails are integrated in one software which you can simply run on any Windows/Mac OS/Linux device, as well as on a cloud server.